Sunday, February 12, 2006

Janne, Janne, Janne but Hooray for Matti!

Is it me or do Finns tend to bottle the big occasion? Janne Ahonen had a poor second jump today to fail once again to get a medal at the Olympics, despite being possibly the best jumper ever. (I'm not going to debate Matti Nykänen - Ahonen has more class in his left toe than Nykänen ever had). Fortunately for Finland, Matti Hautamäki stepped up to the plate and showed he had some metal - only silver but nevermind.

Elsewhere, Finns also disappointed in the biathlon and the half pipe.

P.S. Since the Norwegians are coached by Kojonkoski, do their medals count as half ours? If so, tonight was a one, two, three for Finland.

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The Cartoons Again

This time just a link to a discussion of the cartoons by Jamie Tappenden, which adds some well needed background (some of which was already pointed out by commenter Michelle here). Tappenden speaks Danish and is an accomplished philosopher. He puts is big brain to work on the cartoon fiasco. There are two posts - read both.

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